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Zeng Hanlin and his family have decided to uphold the search for truth, regardless of the outcome, they will appeal till the end of time, to let the whole world knows about his innocence, his miscarriage of justice. Therefore, we hope that the media coverage can help to appeal to the China national leaders to extract the footage or recording of the whole trial and verdict, to listen to the truth, to be our judge! Even if the result of this injustice cannot be reversed, we vowed to never give up, to persistently let the world international Media / Human Rights Organizations / Ambassador and Consulate / National Leaders know that the so-called human rights advocating country Canada, is scarifying a human life for their economic benefits. We vowed to seek justice for Zeng Hanlin, even if he die of old age in prison, we declare that we will never give up on this pursuit of justice. 曾汉林与家属决定要坚持寻求真理,无论结果如何也要上诉到底,令世人知道真相。 在此,我们希望媒体的报道可以呼吁国家领导人听听当天庭内的录像记录,评评道理! 即使这场冤案结果无法扭转,我们誓言永不放弃,向世界各国媒体/人权组织/大使领事/国家领袖等知道所谓的人权国加拿大,在获取经济利益背后的所作所为。务必要为曾汉林讨回公道,即时他老死在狱内也绝不罢休。

Monday, January 30, 2012

Appeal Statement

Appeal Statement

Appellant: Zeng Hanlin, Male, Chinese, born in 1945, Director of Guangdong Flying Dragon Group Co., Ltd.

Appellant contest the verdict made by Chengdu Intermediate People's Court (2011) Criminal Judgments No. 417, the appellant hereby appeal the court of second hearing to pronounce the appellant Not Guilty according to law. The specific grounds of appeal are as follows:

(A) Flying Dragon Group and the appellant did not commit an act of fraud against Chengdu Lianyi.

(1) Flying Dragon Group and the appellant did not instigate any fraud in the acquisition of 40% equity interest in Chengdu Liangyi.

Verdict from the court of first hearing was based on the verbal opinion of witnesses Zhang Zhaohui, Wen Rupei, Li Kai, denying the assets assessment report made by rating agencies on Guangdong Flying Dragon High-speed and subsequently ascertained that Flying Dragon Group was heavily in debt during the acquisition of Chengdu Lianyi's equity. This ascertainment bias finds no reason or logic, is a serious contradictory to the facts.

During the court of first hearing trial, after cross-examination, prosecutor admitted their blunder in court on the miscalculation of Flying Dragon Group liabilities by duplicating the company debt's amount repeatedly, and therefore amended the Flying Dragon Group debts to RMB 30 million yuan during the acquisition of Chengdu Lianyi. However, in the testimony of Zhang Zhaohui, he confirmed Flying Dragon Group debts amount to be RMB 56 million yuan; Li Kai's testimony confirmed Flying Dragon Group assets are not worth more than RMB 60 million yuan, with a debt ratio of 200% which is equivalent to RMB 120 million yuan; Wen Rupei's testimony confirmed Flying Dragon Group liabilities to be tens of millions. Evidently, Zhang, Li and Wen testimonies all contradict each other and are serious misrepresentation of fact, inadequate to be used as evidence. (Note: however in the trial, none of the witness was ever summon to the stand)

Appellant believes that, to ascertain the amount of a corporate asset, it can only be based on factual evidence or financial assessment report. By using the conflicting testimonies of Zhang and the others in the absence of any documentary evidence in this case, to negate the certification reports made by authoritative national rating agencies (Guangdong Evaluation Corporation) and the audit reports made by internationally recognized auditors (KPMG Certified Public Accounting firm), this identification is erroneous, as well as lack of legal grounds. Definitely disputable and unconvincing.

Relevant documentary evidence indicated that during the acquisition of Chengdu Lianyi, the total assets of Flying Dragon High-speed (a subsidiary of Flying Dragon Group) were more than hundreds of millions, Guangdong Asset Evaluation report clearly documented the debt was only RMB 13.85 million. To strongly emphasise, the second restructuring of the asset was a related transactions, to achieve an asset restructuring project, it must be mutually committed by both sides and agreement must be signed for the asset swap, allowing injection of high-quality assets. In this connected transaction, Chengdu Lianyi had acquired Flying Dragon High-speed 75% equity through this joint interest valuing at a total RMB 74 million yuan, Chengdu Lianyi has also never made any payment to Flying Dragon Group, such assets condition and account receivable for Flying Dragon Group, how would Flying Dragon Group be termed as "heavily in debt," this is absolutely a deviation of fact and false allegations. According to proven information, Chengdu Lianyi Group debt ratio was several times higher than Flying Dragon Group at then.

Since Flying Dragon Group was not heavily in debt, and they had never concealed any information towards Chengdu Lianyi, therefore, no fraud was even instigated.

(2) Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry and the Appellant did not commit an act of fraud in the transfer of 75% stake to Chengdu Lianyi.

Verdict from the court of first hearing decided that Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry stake ownership in Flying Dragon High-speed was 51% instead of 75%. This was based on the approval of Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Commission (1997) No.416. However, in the same volume of the company's business files clearly recorded that the Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry stake ownership in Flying Dragon High-speed to be 75%. In the verification report of Guangdong Kexing Certified Public Accountants, it clearly documented that Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry invested RMB 75 million yuan in Flying Dragon High-speed, accounting for 75% of total funding. Undoubtedly, it illustrate that Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry actual holding of shares in Flying Dragon High-speed is 75%, the not yet approval of Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Commission filing is only a mere procedural flaw, it does not contradict the objective reality.

Verdict from the court of first hearing decided that Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant had withheld the information on the change of equity ownership from Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry to Flying Dragon High-speed and the ship mortgage to the bank. But the verdict from the court of first hearing has ignored the fact that the vessels had actually been delivered to Flying Dragon High-speed for usage and all proceeds have been contributed to Flying Dragon High-speed. Since 1997, Flying Dragon High-speed had injected its capital into Chengdu Lianyi, Chengdu Lianyi benefitted greatly from the 75% equity investment from Flying Dragon High-speed. In the span of two years after the equity investment by Flying Dragon High-speed, Chengdu Lianyi generate huge profits every year, was even able to implement a 10 shares plus 3 bonus shares scheme complimentary to all Chengdu Lianyi shareholders, this includes Informants Xu Huaizhong, Zhou Guangjun, etc had all benefitted from this bonus system and derived a huge amount of profit from it. Without the equity injection of Flying Dragon High-speed, Chengdu Lianyi will have no profits, let alone the 10 shares plus 3 bonus shares complimentary dividends, this is a cold hard fact. Therefore, merely based on the document procedures flaw to negate a truth that had happened, this is not reasonable. Regarding the mortgage on the ship, firstly, to be clear and concise, all financial conditions of Flying Dragon High-speed from 1993 to 1999 are assessed and rated by national agency and verified by audit authorities, from 1997 to 1999 its financial position was also documented in the listed company annual report and announced to the public, including the then financial condition and collateral conditions, apparently the listed company's annual reports and announcement statement have been verified by Chengdu Lianyi board of directors before announcing to the public, board of directors included the informant Xu Huaizhong (Vice Chairman). Thus, Flying Dragon Group did not conceal any information. According to the asset conditions of the then Flying Dragon Group, without any doubt, they have the ability to acquire the shares.

Verdict from the court of first hearing decided that Chengdu Lianyi shares report on Flying Dragon Group profit is a unilateral statement, intended to explain the report is untrue. But the fact is, a listed company's annual report, is required to be approved by all members of the board of directors, among the board of directors also include the informants Xu Huaizhong (Vice Chairman), Zhou Guangjun (Managing Director), the annual reports must be confirmed by this two person, and then verified by qualified audit accounting firm, and finally approved by the Securities and Futures Commission before it can be announced to the public. If the audit report exist any error or contain any falsified information, all related institutions will be held accountable. These institutions include local audit institutions in Sichuan, but the fact is not. Therefore, the evidence is absolutely impossible to be a unilateral statement by Flying Dragon Group as mentioned in the verdict from the court of first hearing. To negate such evidence of fact like child's play is definitely unreasonable, unconvincing and unpersuasive.

In the event of transferring Flying Dragon High-speed 75% stakes, Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant not only did not commit any fraud, they had even transfer their high quality asset Flying Dragon High-speed 75% stake worth of RMB 74 million yuan of assets actually into Chengdu Lianyi shares, and generated a profit of RMB 32 million for Chengdu Lianyi in 1997, profit of RMB 23 million yuan in 1998, implemented a 10 shares plus 3 bonus shares scheme compliment to all Chengdu Lianyi shareholders, so to benefit all shareholders, created remarkable profit results, all including Xu Huaizhong, Zhou Guangjun had harvested bountifully from this profit gain. This is the reality of the facts.

(3) In the Chengdu Lianyi payment collection process for the transfer of shares, Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant did not instigate any fraud.

Verdict from the court of first hearing was based on the testimonies of Xu Huaizhong, Zhou Guangjun, Zhang Zhaohui, etc, implying that the Appellant had instructed Zhang Zhaohui to forged certificates of deposit and wire transfer documents, evidence is clearly weak and insufficient. Xu Huaizhong, Zhou Guangjun being the informants of the case, having conflicting interest with the case, as an Informant, the adverse statement against Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant, inherently lack of credibility. Zhang Zhaohui, a fraud perpetrator, in order to shirk its responsibility and shift blame to the Appellant, the possibility of this act cannot be ruled out. Moreover, the conflicting testimonies of the trio including Zhang Zhaohui, under cross-examination in the trial, the prosecutor had even admitted during the trial that the testimonies of the trio including Zhaohui exist serious inaccuracies, more importantly, its argument on the Appellant instigating the fabrication is purely a solitary testament, and it does not have probative force. Therefore, in the absence of substantial evidence, we cannot claim that the Appellant had instigated Zhang Zhaohui to fabricate certificate. Even if Zhang Zhaohui as an individual had forged documents, this is a behavior that occurs in order to elude responsibilities, this is a civil act, and the prosecutor had admitted during the trial that this is an act of evasion.

(B) Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant have no purpose or intention for any illegal possession of Chengdu Lianyi equity.

Verdict from the court of first hearing decided that Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant in the absence of the ability to fulfil the contract obligation had proceed with the acquisition of equity interest in Chengdu Lianyi, has instigate a fraud. As mentioned earlier, during the acquisition of shares, Flying Dragon Group apart from owning RMB 50 million yuan worth of vessels, it also possess RMB 50 million worth of assets and properties in construction in progress, buildings, store ships and shipyards, machinery and equipments, land use rights,  it’s also has several profitable subsidiaries, including Guangdong Asia Daily Chemical, the well-known chemical plant in Guangdong Province that provided Chengdu Lianyi with RMB 6.8 million profit in 1997, more importantly, in the related transaction under this restructuring of assets, Chengdu Lianyi acquired 75% stake in Flying Dragon High-speed, worth RMB 74 million yuan, and has not been honouring any payment to Flying Dragon Group. The undeniable fact is that Flying Dragon Group has substantial account receivables due to this trade off equity and other assets in possession, this absolute fact has proven Flying Dragon Group having the ability to pay the acquisition price. Using such basis to deny Flying Dragon Group ability to make payment, such rationale is absolutely unfair to Flying Dragon Group, because as the reciprocate acquirer, Chengdu Lianyi should be paying RMB 74 million yuan to Flying Dragon Group in this shares swapping. Given such situation, the audit should be a fair perspective on these two companies located in Guangdong Province and Sichuan Province. Not based on the unilateral statement to repudiate the reality of the real situation, this verdict is definitely lack of legal basis, disputable and unconvincing.

Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant pledge their stock to obtain loans, after repaying the transfer amount for the acquisition to the transferor, the balance was used for business operation, not a penny was squander away. To be precise, in the signed Equity Transfer Agreement between Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry Ltd and Chengdu Yi Industrial Co., it was clearly defined under Clause 6.2 that after 1996, all credits and debts of Guangdong High-speed Passenger Ferry will be undertaken by Chengdu Lianyi. In the span of the two years, the Appellant coexist with the company, working hard to create huge profits for Chengdu Lianyi, implementing the 10 shares plus 3 bonus shares scheme complimenting all shareholders, in coexistence with creditors as well, facing creditor with a positive attitude and seeking common development with the creditors, actively fulfilling his duties and commitment. Never had the Appellant hide or try to elude. Only when the Appellant was wanted by the national public security, helplessly not able to clarify himself that he has no choice but to flee, not fleeing because of any inability to repay debt. These facts illustrated that Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant have no purpose or intention to illegally take possession of other property.

(C) Zeng Hanlin and his families affirmed that Chengdu Intermediate People's Court's verdict is UNFAIR, a serious lack of objectivity and fairness. Had requested to transfer this case to the Supreme People Court for public hearing. The reasons as below:

(1) This case contains many controversy, both Guangdong Province and Sichuan Province holds different judgment, the court decisions vary, different viewpoints of law.
Guangdong and Sichuan, both legal (ruling) verdict is based on the judgments of their individual civil economic law and criminal law, and are all made according to the law. The two encountered conflict in executing the verdict. In regards to the Flying Dragon Group RMB 35 million yuan loan taken from Bank of Communication in 1998, the two provinces derived at two different conclusions. Guangdong Province Court found that the equity trading agreements and Bank loans are under legal compliance, it does not involve any criminal offense; Sichuan Province final decision determined that the loan is a contract fraud proceeds. Due to the fact that two provinces People's Court derived at extremely opposite judgment, that leads to the two sentences not being able to be executed.

(2) This case is associated with local protectionism
Chengdu Lianyi Group is a collective township and village enterprise of Chengdu City, Guangdong Flying Dragon is an enterprise originated from Guangdong province. This result in the two District Court’s ruling in opposite direction, not being able to be fair and objective. According to the relevant judicial understanding, the two court decisions should be adjourned to a higher court for hearing. The final decision should come from the Supreme People Court.

(3) The final outcome of this case is associated with significant interest in the District Court
In the Intermediate People's Court's verdict, we can clearly see that their decisions lack objectivity and fairness. Reason being that this case till now is still highly controversial. If the point of law were to overturn the verdict, this will greatly impact the previous verdict made by the district court in Chengdu, they may have to bear the responsibility of negligence. Given these conflicting interest, Chengdu District Court is bound to be affected and fail to maintain fairness and independence judgment on this case, inability to be objective and fair to trial this case.
In summary, Flying Dragon Group and the Appellant's conduct did not constitute a contract fraud. Beseech the thorough investigation and prudent judgment of the Court of second hearing.

Sincerely to:
Sichuan Higher People's Court
(Beijing City, King & Capital Law firm lawyer Yang Zhaodong, Zhu Yalin, appealing on behalf of the Appellant Zeng Hanlin under his consent)
                                                                                                                                                                                21 January 2012



一、     飞龙集团及上诉人没有对成都联益实施欺诈行为。
一审判决认为,广东高速客轮在飞龙高速公司中的持股是51%不是75%。依据是广东省经贸委(1997416号批复。但是,同样在卷的飞龙高速公司的工商档案中却记载着广东高速客轮在飞龙高速公司持有的股份是75%,广东科信会计师事务所的验资报告中,也明确记载了广东高速客轮向飞龙高速出资人民币 7500万元,占全部出资的75%。这说明,广东高速客轮在飞龙高速公司实际持有的股份是75%,未经广东省经贸委批准备案只是程序上的瑕疵,并不能否定这一客观存在的事实。
二、     飞龙集团及上诉人没有非法占有成都联益股权的目的。
三、   曾汉林及其家属认为成都中级人民法院的判决不公,严重缺乏客观及公平性。要求将案件申请调到最高人民法院公开审理。理由如下:



Saturday, January 21, 2012

Awaking the conscience of the two governments in China and Canada, a friendly economic cooperation should not be at the expense of human rights and human life!

< Zeng Hanlin miscarriage of justice has been globally reported in 30 over countries now >

Awaking the conscience of the two governments in China and Canada, a friendly economic cooperation should not be at the expense of human rights and human life!
China and Canada together had created China's No. 1 case of miscarriage of injustice, urging the immediate attention of both China and Canadian Prime Ministers on the historical forced deportation of an experimented product in Canada - the "Zeng Hanlin" tragedy
Event Description:
Zeng Hanlin is a businessman in China. Ten years ago, his business partner in China collaborated with corrupt officials to set him up and framed him for "Contract Fraud". Not only was he being deprived of all possessions, but was also listed as China's Top 10 wanted fugitive for criminal fraud. He was accused of absconding with 35 million yuan bank loan and fled to Canada (after his repatriation, it was confirmed that he did not steal a penny!). In 2004, due to fear of not being able to get a fair trial in China, he seeks political asylum in Canada. In February 2011, behind the friendly economic cooperation between China and Canada, Zeng Hanlin was made the experimental product of historical 1st fugitive to be forcedly deported back to China for trial. After the repatriation, Chengdu Court had already confirmed that Zeng Hanlin was a case of miscarriage of justice. Even after knowing the facts, Chengdu Court not only fails to promise a fair trial, but ignore human rights to cover up their mistakes. On the 17 November 2011 trial, Chengdu Court had only provided Zeng Hanlin's lawyer a few days time to collect evidence to get prepared for the court hearing. Chengdu Court even conducted a closed-door trial to cover up their mistakes. They had refused family members access to the information on the case, they refused entry to media as well. Chengdu Court had even deliberately moved the court verdict of Zeng Hanlin to 20 January 2012 (a day before China long holidays for Chinese New Year), pass on callous sentence of 15 years in prison for Zeng Hanlin, cruelly concluded a nearly 70-year-old chronically ill elderly person in the "Black Jail" of China to suffer throughout the rest of his life. Chengdu Court deliberately chose the day before the Chinese biggest event - the Chinese New Year holidays - to release the verdict, their purpose is to prevent Zeng Hanlin from being able to submit Appeal within the statutory 10 days appeal submission timeframe. To clarify this shady intention, Associated Press (international media) call up Chengdu Court on the day of verdict to closely follow up on this but was completely ignored and did not received any response. Zeng Hanlin's tragic story has been reported by many international media authorities, the evidence of this case have also been spreading like wildfire on the internet.
The unfair treatment encounter by Zeng Hanlin after the forced deportation was confirmed as follows:
(1) A nearly 70-year-old patients with severe diabetes and heart disease, was not given appropriate medical attention during the detention period. When he was given the one & only approval on 24 February 2011 to send one letter to his family, the content was to ask his family to obtain medicine from doctor to control his medical condition and to send clothing and blanket to him in the prison.
(2) Ten years ago, the alleged charges on Zeng Hanlin was that he had fled to Canada with 35 million yuan of bank loans. Ten years later, police verification and bank records confirmation shows that all the bank loan was meant for company's legitimate business operations. Zeng Hanlin did not even seize a single penny! This overturns the former accusation on him.
(3) Ten years ago, the alleged charges on Zeng Hanlin was that he had produced fabricated financial report in the fraud. The so called fabricated financial report was originally the audited financial report issued by one of the world's four largest public accounting firms, KPMG Canada. After the court's cross-examination and confirmed that it is not a fabricated financial report as previously alleged. Ten years later, Chengdu Court in order to continue to cover up their mistakes and concealing their pathetic ignorance of the existence of professional accounting bodies in this world, Chengdu Court prosecutor amended their statement as "The audited financial report of Foreign accounting firms are all not recognize by our country." We consulted KPMG in China, they also have clients using KPMG audited financial report whether issued in China or in overseas and are all allowed to be used as evidence in China’s court. They are puzzled as to why the Chengdu Court is contrary to the other Courts in China upon hearing the denial of authenticity of KPMG audited financial report. In view of this, does it mean that the current KPMG Certified Public Accounting firm with 9000 employees working in 13 different cities in China, servicing customers such as China Top enterprises China Mobile, China CITIC Bank, China Sinopec and many other companies are all adopting fabricated financial report? They had all become fraudster as well? Isn't it ridiculous?
(4) Ten years ago, in order to convict Zeng Hanlin, Chengdu court exaggerated his company's debt to a total of 120 million yuan. Ten years later, Chengdu Court admitted their error in double counting of Flying Dragon's debt and eventually made significant changes in court statement by reducing Flying Dragon's debt to only 30 million yuan. With Chengdu Court making such grave mistakes, can people continue to have faith in their verdict?
(5) Zeng Hanlin as a victim, was not able to produce sufficient evidence to prove his innocence when applying for refugee status. After he was being treated as guinea pigs for forced deportation, although all evidence exhibiting his innocence had surfaced, he was still being subjected to inhumane treatment, not only that the wrongs done on him were not redressed, local district court even resorted to closed-door trial in order to force conviction on Zeng Hanlin. Chengdu Court allegations on Zeng Hanlin and the so-called "evidence" are riddled with mistakes! In line with the spirit of the law, the benefit of the doubt is to be given to the defendant itself. Chengdu Court is in serious contempt of the national spirit of the law set by the country, a very shameful act and dishonourable!
(6) Zeng Hanlin in this incident resulted in the annexation of its business and companies amounting to a loss of 74 million yuan, the Chengdu Court shy away from mentioning it.
(7) Not only that all evidence of fact proving the innocence of Zeng Hanlin was not accepted, Chengdu Court had deliberately withheld that evidence. Chengdu Court will never admit to their mistakes and has no intention of doing it. Instead, they choose to cover a wrong with another wrong, intending to bury the truth alive. A disregard of human life, treating it as worthless, allowing and encouraging miscarriage of justice to continue to happen.
Does your country's court of justice allow such injustices to occur?
Is a fair trial really such a challenging demand?
Redressing the grievances of an innocent person, wasn't that something worthy of honour and able to reflect the national judicial independence and evidence of fair justice?
Have you ever seen a fraudster in this world who swindle at their own losses? Where is legal justice?
According to some of the prison staff, they have been arranged by Chengdu Court as audience on the 17 November 2011 court hearing. After the trial, Zeng Hanlin case was the talk of the town in prison by those prison staff who attended the hearing. They describe the performance of lawyer Yang Zhaodong as extremely outstanding in court. They said they had never seen a defendant lawyer able to rebut the government's prosecutorial staff in court to dumb silent. Therefore, the public security staff in prison told Zeng Hanling that even if he is innocence, even if it is a miscarriage of justice, the court will never admit their mistakes; the court will never redress his grievances. The public security staff had also said that in Chengdu, this is a common practice.
Zeng Hanlin and his family have decided to uphold the search for truth, regardless of the outcome, they will appeal till the end of time, to let the whole world knows about his innocence, his miscarriage of justice.
Therefore, we hope that the media coverage can help to appeal to the China national leaders to extract the footage or recording of the whole trial and verdict, to listen to the truth, to be our judge!
Even if the result of this injustice cannot be reversed, we vowed to never give up, to persistently let the world international Media / Human Rights Organizations / Ambassador and Consulate / National Leaders know that the so-called human rights advocating country Canada, is scarifying a human life for their economic benefits. We vowed to seek justice for Zeng Hanlin, even if he die of old age in prison, we declare that we will never give up on this pursuit of justice.
Email: hanyzeng@gmail.com


< 曾汉林的误判,现在已经在30多个国家,全球报道着 〉


曾汉林是个中国商人。十年前,他在中国遭生意伙伴和腐败官员合力设局陷害惹上官司。不仅家产被剥夺,更因此被列为中国十大诈骗通缉犯。他被诬赖诈骗3500万人民币贷款出逃加拿大 (遣返后获证实他没有盗取一分钱)。因害怕在中国遭到不公平审判,2004年在加拿大申请政治难民庇护。20112月成为加拿大与中国友好合作关系背后,历史上第一个被强制遣返回中国受审的试验品。遣返回国后,成都法院确认其为冤案。知道事实后,不但未按承诺公平审讯,反而漠视人权掩盖事实,在20111117日的审讯,成都法庭只提供了数天时间让曾汉林律师作搜证准备。成都法院更进行闭门审讯掩饰错误。拒绝家人接触案件资料,拒绝媒体入内报道。成都法院故意挪后曾汉林的判决日到2012120(即中国新年长假前一天),硬判曾汉林15年有期徒刑,就此断定一个将近70岁的长期病患老人家在黑狱中痛苦度过余生。成都法院故意选择在华人最盛大的新年假期前一天宣读判决,其目的是要阻止曾汉林没法在法定期10天内筹备上诉。为了这一黑幕,美联社(国际媒体)在宣判当日追访成都法院跟进了解事件,但被拒绝并无法得到回复。曾汉林的悲惨故事已被国际权威媒体报道,案件证据也在网络流传。



(二) 十年前,指控曾汉林携带诈骗所得的3500万元人民币贷款逃到加拿大。十年后,经公安查证和银行提供的记录证实所有款项只用于公司的合法经营运作。曾汉林个人并没占有一分钱啊!否定了以往对他错误的指控。

(三) 十年前指控曾汉林利用虚假财务报告诈骗股权。被指的虚假报告原来是世界4大会计师事务所之一,加拿大毕马威(KPMG)会计师事务所发出的审计报告。经过法庭的质证后,证实其为无证据指控。十年后为了继续掩盖错误,成都法院公诉人修改为“中国境外会计事务所审核的财务报表我们国家一律不予承认”。我们咨询过中国的毕马威,他们也有客户运用毕马威发出的审计报告在中国的法院里获准当作陈堂证据,所以毕马威不了解为何成都法院与其它的法院背道而驰。那么目前在中国13个城市拥有9000员工的毕马威(KPMG)会计师事务,服务的客户群包括了中国的十大企业:中国移动通信,中信银行,中国石等公司,岂不都采用虚假财务报表吗?他们也成了一个诈骗集团了吗?这是否非常可笑?

(四) 十年前为了令曾汉林入罪,成都法院庭上夸大他旗下公司飞龙债务达1.2亿元人民币。十年后,成都法院庭上承认当年将飞龙债务错误重复计算,最后在庭上即时大幅度修改仅为3000万元。这样错漏百出的成都法院还能让人民对法院的判决有信心吗?

(五) 曾汉林作为一个受害者,在申请难民时未能提供足够证据证明其清白。但在被当作试验品强制遣返后,证据虽然获取,但依然被不人道对待,不但不获平反,地方法院更为掩饰当年错判,闭门审讯强行定罪。成都法院对曾汉林的指控和所提供的所谓“证据”错漏百出!本着法律的精神,疑点的利益应该归于被告的。成都法院却严重的藐视了国家定下的法律精神,行为极为可耻!

(六) 曾汉林在这次事件中,被吞并其属下企业公司,损失7400万元人民币,法院避而不提。

(七) 所有对曾汉林有利的证据一律不被采纳,甚至被成都法院隐藏。成都法院对犯下的错误永不承认。反而选择一个错盖住另外一个错的(做法,意图),永远活埋真相。视人权人命如草芥,让冤案继续发生。






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Monday, January 16, 2012

Zeng Hanlin’s verdict will be announced on 20 Jan 2012!

Zeng Hanlin’s verdict will be announced on 20 Jan 2012!

Beseech all media attention and scrutiny, to ensure a fair and just verdict for Zeng Hanlin!

The details of the trial are as follows:

Date: Friday, January 20, 2012, at 8:30am
Location: Sichuan Province Chengdu city Intermediate People’s Court, No 5. Court Room
109 Fu Qin Xi Road. Jin Niu Area
Chengdu City. Sichuan Province
People’s Republic of China
Tel: +(86) 28-8778-0837

For further information and confirmation of court location, please contact:

Yang Zhaodong
(Zeng Hanlin’s China Lawyer)
Tel: +(86) 10-5709-6000
Mobile: +(86) 138-0102-1110
Sam Zeng
(Son of Zeng Hanlin)
Mobile: +(86) 131-4398-8343