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Zeng Hanlin and his family have decided to uphold the search for truth, regardless of the outcome, they will appeal till the end of time, to let the whole world knows about his innocence, his miscarriage of justice. Therefore, we hope that the media coverage can help to appeal to the China national leaders to extract the footage or recording of the whole trial and verdict, to listen to the truth, to be our judge! Even if the result of this injustice cannot be reversed, we vowed to never give up, to persistently let the world international Media / Human Rights Organizations / Ambassador and Consulate / National Leaders know that the so-called human rights advocating country Canada, is scarifying a human life for their economic benefits. We vowed to seek justice for Zeng Hanlin, even if he die of old age in prison, we declare that we will never give up on this pursuit of justice. 曾汉林与家属决定要坚持寻求真理,无论结果如何也要上诉到底,令世人知道真相。 在此,我们希望媒体的报道可以呼吁国家领导人听听当天庭内的录像记录,评评道理! 即使这场冤案结果无法扭转,我们誓言永不放弃,向世界各国媒体/人权组织/大使领事/国家领袖等知道所谓的人权国加拿大,在获取经济利益背后的所作所为。务必要为曾汉林讨回公道,即时他老死在狱内也绝不罢休。

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Letter from Prime Minister Stephen Harper on 29 Feb 2012

We have received 2 identical reply from PM office. Previously, PMO took 3 months to reply to our Open Letter (09 feb 2012). Now they took 3 days to reply (29 Feb 2012). There was no mentioning of how PMO would further respond to our demands and what explicit action to be taken. This reply seems to be an acknowledgement only.

This reply had only showcase the social responsibility that PMO had fulfilled but no substantive action had been taken. We do not want to be under the impression that canadian government is just patronizing us to delay the whole matters. Please correct us if we are wrong.

This response is good news for us, but in the meantime, it is of no substantive significance. In the end, we are unsure if Canadian government had communicate with the Chinese counterpart on Zeng Hanlin unfair treatment?

What concrete action taken by the Government of Canada is still unknown. This is the key issue for us. Sichuan Chengdu can always close case in lightning speed.

We hope that the Canadian government can shed some lights on what substantive diplomatic action would they undertake to raise Zeng Hanlin case to China..

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